This is the post excerpt.

My second post !A RANDOMEXPRESS for you. There is a lot to express,lot to share, lot to view and over and above a lot to understand. A joy is always a synthesis of all such random expressions. This randomness let bring a fresh air,fresh thoughts, fresh ideas and let us shun away the stale one.


Let us start with the day. The day is good, and you need to go for   unplanned program of secondary importance. Do not follow a well chalked schedule,as it not unlikely to happen. Some new projects,communication, organizational work, property matters, journey, advise,consultation,government related work would be productive.

Now randomly coming to the 8th November  16, the world [and USA in particular] is waiting for. The presidential election, the Trump card, [which is unlikely to be a trump]and the Clinton. The day is full of controversies and still unless Mr Trump allows other subdued candidate to bring on the scene, the victory is away. His own conditions do not suit to USA, and for him as an individual it is an alien country, barring some cities. So, the result is clear, sorry should say, crystal clear.

Today’s great numbers are 2,6 & 7. So, people with these birth dates like 2,6,7,11,15,16,20,24,25 & 29 of any month, have something interesting  in store. So , keep an eye!



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