2017 Some exciting things in store

The time flies away! Lot of happenings and still a lot to happen. The advent of new year is bringing a great solar energy and fresh air. New start ups will receive a boost, new projects will be welcomed by destiny, importance of solar power will reach further techno heights, and health awareness will increase.

This year is energetic, full of verve with a significant positive vibe. Lot of good things will receive a limelight and great appreciation. People with medium stature and good physique with sparkling eyes and a squarish built will receive fortunes. People with limited hairs, broad shoulders will benefit the most. Also, people who are walking much, or wander much are the beneficiaries of this year. Too tall people or dwarfs [ except short but fat people] may not get much worthy results unless they carry a round, fresh and radiating face. Rest of the people need to contemplate more on their thoughts and actions for a better result.

The eastern part of the world has a better chance to progress fast. However, money wise, the west is going to rule. The emergence of new high tech systems will witness some astounding products in the field of utilities, and a lot with industrial applications. The plants are plenty, but temperature rise may mar the affluence. Water may get scarce and cause dispute at many places. Copper and Gold may get costly. Tall buildings will be erected and the construction line will receive more rewards when upwardly directed simple structures,rather than horizontal. Thick garments will receive more attention. People will be prone to go for more hot and spicy food and in turn make the market of spices richer. The health and medicine line will have to focus on issues and diseases related mainly to head, heart, the spinal cord, and the bones. There will be a lot of issues in relation to this. Men will have problems with the right eye and women will suffer from the illnesses to the left eye.

Anything  in rectangular form will receive attention, appreciation and benefits. From the realm of Physics, the heat and the  light faculty will flourish and research in these fields will attract the attention. Physical evolution and related developmental aspects will reach new heights.

People will be more concerned for their careers,dignity, authority,power ,fatherly acts,vigor and healthy conditions throughout the year barring a 4 months period from May 2017 to August 2017 when there will be a lot of arrogance, social evils, family disputes,rise in jealousy, irritation and bigotry.

Still, the year at large will witness candid expressions, openness, developmental attitude, exposures to light, clarity in behavior as well as transactions, energetic and moral boosting happenings, cleanliness and air of freshness.

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